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Climbing Merit Badge

Boy Scouts of America

Young people today seek greater challenges, and climbing and rappelling offer a worthy challenge. The satisfaction of safely climbing a rock face is hard to top.

While introduction of the Climbing merit badge in 1997 spurred interest in these activities through the Boy Scouts of America, the proliferation of climbing gyms and facilities has also made climbing and rappelling readily available throughout the United States.

RockVentures, here in Rochester, NY, is proud to offer the Climbing Merit Badge to boy scouts in the area.

Earn your merit badge:

  • In a safe, climate-controlled area.
  • With the proper equipment
  • From qualified instructors

Ages 11-17 can earn their badge; those under 14 years cannot be primary belayers at RockVentures, but can still complete most of the requirements for this badge.

Learn about:

  • Belaying/Rope holding
  • Knots
  • Rappelling + more

Please note: CPR and FIRST AID are prerequisites for this badge. They are not taught here, although we do cover the rest of the materials.

Takes 4 hours

  • Typically done on Friday or Sunday evening (after hours)
  • Other times are available; please call for details


$42 per person; 10 person minimum