Indoor Climbing

RockVentures offers a safe, controlled environment that’s great for beginners young and old. But we’re popular with experienced climbers, too, since we offer so many varied routes. Climb because it’s your passion; do it because it’s good cross–training for other activities; or just do it for fun. Try it to freshen up a ho–hum fitness workout—it’s far from your ordinary weight training or cardio routine.

We also offer the advantage of being climate controlled, making it a great place to spend a cold winter or sweltering summer.

Rock Wall

18,000 square feet of climbing surface!

We offer top–roped climbs with heights ranging from about 25 to 42 feet. Top–rope routes are rated by their level of difficulty, ranging from 5.4 (suitable for novices) to 5.12 (expert only).

In top roping, the rope runs through an anchor that is attached to the ceiling of the gym. The climber ties into one end of the rope; the belayer is attached to a belay device on the other end.

The belayer remains on the floor taking up the slack from the rope as the climber ascends. Belayers also anchor themselves into a bottom anchor for extra stability when their climber descends, especially when climbing partners have a significant difference in body weight.

Top Rope Climbing is a two-person sport - climber and belayer - so it's best enjoyed in pairs or groups.


Bouldering does not require a harness, rope or a belay partner. Bouldering routes are close to the ground and use high jump and pole vault mats for protection below you. It is a great way to build skill because only your body positioning, technique, and endurance keep you on the wall. Novices appreciate the simplicity of it; skilled climbers like the challenge of more difficult routes.

Bouldering can be done solo, although it's not uncommon for couples or groups to do it.

High Ropes Course

Daring participants are harnessed and then attached by a rope into a safety-rope-cable system that allows them to take on 8 different ropes course challenges high up in the air. It is thrilling to participate and equally exciting to see the smile on kids and adults alike who conquer their fear on this totally unique high wire experience. Have fun, Test your Courage and Overcome your Own Fears.



Cargo Net

Giants Ladder

Vertical Playpen

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