Find a belayer, make new friends, learn new skills/new routes, and participate in friendly competition with our leagues! Win prizes and a T-Shirt (new each season; late registrants may not receive T-shirt until end of season).

Receive points for “at-your-level" routes completed and holds achieved! Not sure of your level? We will help you identify your climbing ability level (Yosemite Decimal System 5.5 - 5.10).

WINTER LEAGUE: Jan 16 - March 16, 2017

SPRING LEAGUE:  March 27 - May 18, 2017

All league nights are 6-9pm
Many teams climb from 7-8:30pm


League Registration: $25 per person, per season

League Night Admission: $10 per night (includes harness, helmet, and shoes)
(Admission is normally $16 plus harness and shoes)



  • 3-4 people on a Team (We reserve right to add a person. Teams may be set up for any given night)
  • Ages 18 and older only
  • You must pick one night and NOT switch to other nights…for any reason.
  • Team members should be willing to welcome a new person to join with them on any given night (we will introduce newcomer to you). Help make them feel welcome, belay for one another….it's our League spirit!