Mobile Rock Wall

mobile-rock-wallThe RockVentures Mobile Rock Wall is the most exciting wall in Western NY.

It is made out of fiberglass with wonderful texture and uses steel scaffolding as internal support. A hydraulic system places the wall up and down. The wall is 23 feet high when up, 12 feet high and wide when on the trailer. The trailer, rock wall, and truck are 35’ roughly in length. Three people climb at same time.

We ask lots of access questions. Are there low hanging wires or tree limbs, must we drive around parked cars, fences, mail boxes, other vendors, crowds? Must we arrive very early and leave late due to congestion, traffic and others who may be in our path? We do not drive on grass and can get stuck in muddy fields.

Our rock wall is supervised by friendly trained staff that encourages participants to climb safely and successfully. Each top rope has two anchor systems for redundant safety. Our competitors do not require helmets, waivers, belay gloves or friendly staff…we do. We do not use the unsafe auto-mechanical belay systems.

Our rock wall is $2,000 per day and $1200 per half day for those close by (local events). For off-peak times and nearby schools, we provide discounted rates. We also provide a discount when customer can provide staff to learn to belay, put on and off helmets and harnesses and make sure our liability waiver is completed and signed (by parent for those under 18 years) all under our supervision.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Mobile Rock Wall Events, please take a few minutes to complete the following contact form so we can help customize something for your group! 

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