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Youth Programs

for kids of all ages

Kids Climb at RockVentures

We love kids. And we’ve got a bunch of things for them to do here at RockVentures – like games, activities, camps, and (of course) climbing! They can climb the walls, the cargo net, the giants ladder, and our high ropes course.

Indoor climbing is a great way to exercise, learn new things, and achieve a real confidence boost. It teaches discipline and focus, problem-solving, and it promotes healthy life choices. Perhaps most importantly, it’s fun!

School Break Camps

Available in single-day, half-day, or full week options, our camps are second-to-none!

Kids get together in our climate-controlled facility, and play games, climb walls, and make lasting friendships.

Summer Camps

Our camps are designed around school holiday breaks to provide a great activity for kids.
They’ll be totally psyched reaching the top of our 42′ walls, playing games and learning new skills. Kids enjoy the physical benefits of climbing, while getting plenty of social interaction.

Kids can spend a full day, half day, or full week here, under our supervision, making new friends, climbing the walls, and having fun!

Kids Night Out (Friday nights from 6-8 PM)

Kids aged 6 and up can climb for 2 hours for only $25!

Saturday Morning Youth Climbing Program

A six-week program to help your child learn to climb, improve his or her skills, and make new friends!

Scouting Events

Your Scout can earn his or her climbing badge at RockVentures!

We make earning this badge fun and rewarding.